Verticalrooms recording studio has become the hub of celebrity activity after a visit from two music industry stars. Angela Kaset, a Nashville country legend has been working with Vertical Rooms’ music director Pete Bear on an ambitious and ground breaking project to re write Dolly Parton’s seventies global smash, Jolene.

Pete Bear who himself was signed to Simon Cowell and now owns the recording studio on a farm in Wendy, met the country star at a music industry bash in London. “I saw Angela at an ASCAP do in London and over heard her say making a track was like making a baby,” says Pete. “So I butted in and told her if she thought that, she had better come and make an illegitimate child with me.” Despite the questionable invitation Angela agreed and got together with Pete to do the unthinkable – rewrite Jolene. “Angela said rewriting Jolene would be like cussing in church, but if we could it, it would be awesome.”

The pair immediately re wrote the lyrics to the famous song and enlisted ex Another Level member Dane Bowers and Wez Clarke, Radio 1 unsigned winner, to do the vocals. Pete said: “The original Jolene is about a woman, weak and begging, but I wanted our version to be fresh and hit back, and I thought Dane was perfect”

The finished product flips the original on its head and transports it to the future where Jolene is old, angry and alone. And with a skinny white rap version of a southern drawl mix of Jolene, you have what could be considered one of the bravest projects this year. Plus , thanks to TenTen Music , Angela's Nashville publisher , it is now heard and approved by Dolly Parton herself.

Can't be bad , hold tight the future of country is here.

Big beats for bad boys ,this aint no pussy arsed drum and bass ,you will hear it banging out of a sound system in a car near you if you haven't already.

3 years strong and 4 albums later they have so far remained indie (get out the real money boys)and after 6 record and publishing offers from Universal through to some guy called Trev the boys are still knocking 'em out.

8 out of 10. max power magazine.

so with 4albums - all currently exclusive to zombieboynkennym are rippin up the competition have you seen any of the zombieboynkennym movie?have you got an album of zbkm's already if not why not??you know its a plaything you just gotta play if the answer to any of the above questions is no then you should read some of the press around you now then click on the car-core section and click zombieboynkennym -get a life-notthedroidsurlookin4-yourmumowesmemoney-and greatest hits to hear the albums in order-then order your copies ! simple eh?you also get free invisible badge that says you are the coolest kiddy on the block.wicked huh?those marketing boys are at it again. now, where the heck did i leave my badge?

The Beans - Home - Kyan Kuatois 'Is that how you spell it kyan? , I still cant get it and its been two years in development!' says pete brazier head of music at
He adds 'The synergy we have alongside and our history of client labels like arista, parlophone, pepper, zomba and many more means that these days we are confident we can grow acts from grass roots levels up to signing or to self release.kyan kuatois is the first act ive had to
start from scratch with since 2004 when graham fuller and i started writing with the then unsigned kristian leontiou who is now working with rollo of dido fame, as one eskimo who are also soon to feature a verticalrecordings song so things are bubbling around kyan now.Let's hope his soul is real like the album.
hold tight, watch this space.

The Happy Humpers

Hump Your Way To Happiness. Its wicked ' Hump Your Way To Happiness' mixed in November at V.R. and on Radio1 by December.double wicked.

well thats what will happen if you get a great seed of tune, mutate ,filter and mess it up with some singers ,dj's,sound engineers ,an old pop wanna be some music pr girls some faries and a lorry driver silly !

18 of them to be precise and a hot bed of talent they all are.

hitting morning and daytime plays on Radio1 one month after forming and making their debut single and video in a day yet another escalating talent from us here at V.R.

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and click the videos page soon to see the The Happy Humpers Hump Your Way To Happiness video in all its glory.

Are you a Happy Humper?

Please Hump Responsibly.

totally exclusive to
the more zbkm area.
ok so you've got the hoddie, the trainers, the in car hi-fi and even the car, but unless you got the zombieboynkennym banging out with ya windows down then you aint nothing .
did you see zombieboynkennym on the front page of music-zine?
all cool and from humble starts as something two off the cuff geezas did because they wanted to through to trying to be snapped up by universal , turning down movie offers and ending up on the front page of one of the most respected music publications in the uk.
good work ladies.
but seriously the originators and kings of car-core have been busy beating out the hyper beats in and have a new album in the building with some even more special news.the sound of car-core as we know it has changed jim.
yes, its grown super big bold faster and louder than ever for 2008.with kenny m bringing in the sounds of instead on additional vocals, and zombie brought in some big guitar from the man nasty, some kids choirs and a concert pianist.oh no i hear you say, its all gone wrong we gotta sort it out man. no, amazingly this sound clash in a car-core fashion is still going to be the tune you drop on the high street with ya windows down.
nice swan. i mean,
nice one.
expect audio previews soon geezas and girlies.
Hear some zombieboynkennym

them2guys.shaking and remaking. a bold project by a secret team of super hero producers djs and all sorts of clever people.currently in the studio ripping it up with sladey , zombieboy and some crazy girl singer front people.200,000 hits on them in 6 weeks so watch this space for more news soon.if the future is here then tomorrow is the past.
the full list of heroes is: dj eddie, disco stu, zombieboy, sladey, pitman & moogle. also featuring female and male vocalists we think are good enough at the time.
them2guys are also part of "the happy humpers" and the debut single "hump your way to happiness" is available

Asta - Debut
this very mystical moody gorgeous lithuanian concert violinist will have you captivated.this record being born at verticalrooms in 2007 with producer zombieboy after pop producer music mogul denis ingoldsby and top notch music firm creative entertainment group locked them in a room together and shoved it all about a bit , like a break-beat james bond movie this is landscapes jim but not as you know it..lyrics involving little girls who want to take food to the starving millions usually pull the heart strings but Asta does it like no other. similarities to bjork meets enya and massive attack might spring to mind but this new girl Asta will surely be wearing the quirky cool crown soon.blonde , gorgeous and apparently she wants our brains bodies and minds.
breath in , and relax.

When most artist's get offered £50,000 just for signing their name to a major deal they sign on the dotted line...They sell 1.5 million units and still owe the label ! really is a crazy world out there right now...
Zombieboynkennym are not most artist's.To see some of the hype on Zbkm see our Escalating column on the right hand tool bar or the more on this artist link below.These guys have had major labels and the indie's chasing them for years and still they remain 100% self sufficient paying to make their own albums and pushing their mainstream heist on all things tuff and rolling it all into one big fat album 'your mum owe's me money' out now available on

Four albums worth of in your face sounds to make you nod ya head till dawn.nice.

Hamfatter are for anyone who doesn't know, 3 guys from Cambridge with a gaggle of friends making up their sizable horn sections (Mark Ronson watch out!) With a lot of heart, ingenuity & some Vertical friends, they have managed to get a chart-placing of number 3 in Europe & 54 in the UK on a budget of less than 5 grand! Now with the backing of the 6ft7 Peter Jones & the production skills of Zombieboy behind them, these boys are going to go far. Hell, even Chris Moyles talked about the about them for 13 minutes, "Lets break out of these moulds" - the music industry wont like it!

Do you want to be the next Hamfatter? Then click here.