Ok so here goes on the upload your band front.

Option 1.

so , if you have a finished product to sell then you can have it uploaded and ready to sell on the world wide web here at the gorgeous www.verticalrecordings.com for an 88%split (after standard relevant postage costs) of a retail price fixed by you , all for a £10 set up cost.
All you have to do otherwise is send us 3 copies of your mastered and duplicated album and a jpeg of the artwork, we will then add some text - approved by you - then upload you all ready to sell from the 'all your music' section of www.verticalrecordings.com.

saves you all the hard work and gets you money back for that ace cd you have already paid to make.

Double coolio..
so if you are an band/artist who have a finished cd you sell and you sell one with us at a retail of £8 we deduct 12%(£0.96) and the costs of postage(£1.50 royalmail signed for) and you collect a handsome £5.54.

Treble coolio..
If you are a band with a standard cd run of 1000cds (for approx£700) already done then by using verticalrecordings as your retail outlet your initial costs would be turned into £4840 of profit with no costs to promote your cd other than your upload costs/splits.

Wicked - Just click our paycart and place your order and our team will email you to arrange your upload option ! wicked.

They will also arrange your method of payment back to you (which we do monthly) so you can start earning - nice.

Did you know the average mp3 on line sale earns the band(between them) 4p on i tunes? so 138 sales online = 1 cd from us at £8.