The Tupolev Ghost

Hailing from Cambridge & London town, The Tupolev Ghost are kicking up a storm with their new s/t album released on the oh-so good Big Scary Monsters label. Taking anger & energy from punk greats - Black Flag, Husker Du, Th, filtering it through the post hardcore noise of Fugazi, At The Drive In, And None of Them Knew They Were Robots, & adding a good sized British helping of Mclusky (gone but not forgotten!), Mogawi & Scarfo, these guys might just have it all.
Seriously, they sound like Secondsmile before they kind of lost it, an angrier Hundred Reasons & a more melodic Million Dead - so in other words bloody fantastic!

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And if still don't believe us - here's what some nice people had to say;

Fantastically taut and tense post-hardcore - a melting pot of top notch classic influences from Fugazi to Mogwai and Don Cab.

Rock Sound

Post-hardcore so spiky it should come swaddled in cotton wool.


Gallows found the limelight and a loyal following invoking the spirit of Black Flag and Minor Threat with a modern twist. On tonight's showing, there's no reason The Tupolev Ghost can't do the same with what came next.


If the Tupolev Ghost fulfills the promise they currently hold, you could be looking at the leaders of the next wave of hardcore punk.

God Is In The TV Zine

The Tupolev Ghost are, collectively, a prodigious talent. The four-piece donít need to rely on the bands of yore to drive their music forward but, like Fugazi before them, the songs twist and turn in erratic fashion, and yet somehow manage to leave an imprint in your mind. Demos often restrain and hinder a bandís sound; The Tupolev Ghost break out of these restraints and leave them a mangled wreck. Their tightly wound riffing and projected screams should propel them into the big leagues. 8/10.

Drowned In Sound

One of the most exciting new bands to come from the dark depths of Cambridge, The Tupolev Ghost are like nothing youíve heard before. Not ploughing the same, safe furrows as all those other hyped NME-branded bands, these guys are truly original.

The Line Of Best Fit

That off-kilter mathy flow will almost certainly attract Fugazi comparisons, with a sound that harks back to the fractured later end of late eighties US underground rock - though they slot more accurately into that loose-knit UK sound shaped by the likes of Public Relations Exercise, Moleck, and Meet Me In St. Louis. UK independent rock could pretty soon have some new darlings to fawn over.

Rock Midgets

Aggressive, spikey, Shellac-meets-Fugazi rock.


Sounding like throwbacks to classic era Dischord and Touch íní Go, like some kind of fistfight between Shellac and Fugazi. Potent, volcanic and charged with a sinew snapping electrical atmosphere.