First hitting the scenes as a local grime artist spitting over tracks.
At the age of 11 everyone knew he had everything to be a big star especially when he hooked up with So Solid Crew’ member Harvey, producing a track called “introducing Izzy”. 
From working with the So Solid Crew member, Kontagous looked at music in a different way. Whilst still being at school at the age of 14 he hooked up with other artists such as “stryda”, “sneeki”, “danny b”, “k dot 9”, “ayme”, “murph”,  “hurricane”, “fantom”, “ginx” and he states many more.
Now aged just 16 he can see his music path for the future especially with the buzz of currently working on his first album called “the power of speech” which consists of 20 of his best tracks with many artists featuring on it.
The album itself is mixed with many different genres from grime to electro, so make sure you buy your copy.
The release date has not been confirmed yet but should be hitting the scenes around end of December 2009.
Kontagous states “As for myself in the future, I see no barriers so I’m gonna take music as far as my talent can”.  So look out UK, this artist is the talk of London Streets!

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