What You Talking American For?

10SHOTT began rapping as part of VICIOUS CIRCLE whose classic album ‘Bagged Out’ received a 5/5 review in Hip Hop Connection and more recently was voted by the readers to No 29 all time classic rap albums in the Hip Hop Connection chart.

His debut solo mixtape ‘Ghetto Brick Road’ received 4 stars earning appearances on MTV Base, MTV France, Rapture TV, Live performances at the prestigious ‘Carlton TV awards’, support from Radio 1’s Tim Westwood, Choice FM, Kiss FM, Galaxy FM, BBC 1Xtra plus countless appearances on Jamaican TV and Radio. 10Shott was the last British act to feature on ‘Yo! MTV Raps.’

10Shott’s full production album ‘Groundbreaker’ is due for release February 09 supported by 2 broadcast quality videos - both of which can be seen on MTV Base & MTV Baltic. Channel U are also currently rotating the part animation video ‘Tin Soldiers’ and its powerful anti war message has received the full support of ‘Tony Benn’ and is also being broadcast in December 09 by ‘George Galloway’ on Press TV which goes out across the Arab States, North America and Australia.

Writing all his own material 10Shott has written for and collaborated with No1 Latvian singing artist ‘Elli U’ on her current single ‘Like a Disease’ which is No 17 in the Baltic Charts.

10Shott also features HEAVILY on the next 2 singles from the forthcoming ‘Stereo Nation’ album (Nov 08). Last album (April 08) ‘On the Rocks’ sold over 500,000.

2008 has seen 10Shott gigging in:

Pasha - Egypt
Baron Palm - Egypt
European Dance Championship – Riga, Latvia
Club Essential - Latvia –
Voodoo – Riga, Latvia
Matrafix Support - Latvia
Dolce - London W1
Panama Bar
Trafalgar Square (London Week of Peace)
Elizabetes & British Embassy - Latvia - Estonia -

Recent Collaborations:

Bashy - Black Boy
Supar Nova - New Year Startin'
Baby J - Freestyle & Midlands Anthem
Vinny Idol - Wid Ya
Quincey Tones – Pain
TwissMan – Earth Calling
TwissMan – The Sex Tune
Stereo Nation – Drink
Taz Jawani – Pay Rise
Taz Jawani – Phenomena
Elli U – Like a Disease

10SHOTT demonstrates powerful melodic sound, intelligent lyrical content and a unique talent that puts him in a league of his own .......’Groundbreaker’ does exactly what it say’s on the label and 10Shott’s relentless assault on the HipHop scene, together with his phenomenal stage presence and fully served apprenticeship, will ensure this home grown artist fulfils his place in musical history.

10Shott - www.10shott.com

Myspace - uk.myspace.com/10shott

Youtube - uk.youtube.com/10shott