Philly Beaver on Guitars, and Vocalizer,
Rob Harnetty on Drums,
Dr "G" on Bass,
Derek Beaver on Guitars.

Coarse formed in 1998 in Sandy Bedfordshire. After a few line up
Changes, and a period of learning and improving, they hit the clubs
and pubs playing their own brand of rock n roll to an ever growing
group of loyal supporters. Along the way they recorded and released
3 E.Ps, 1998's Hate you again, 1999's A Dream, and 2000's Blind to
the dark. These limited editions all sold out.

In 2003 Coarse went into the studio to record their debut full length CD.
Working with Noel Rafferty(one time AC/DC engineer) they produced
Contemplating Life. It contains 11 tracks showcasing the varied nature
of Coarse's music, and received excellent reviews.

Armed with a message of Integrity, Honesty, and understanding Coarse
are taking the music around the countries clubs. Playing to enthusiastic
crowds, receiving some great reviews, and writing more and more new
tunes. It is becoming increasingly obvious that this is a band that matters,
and in a world of pre-packaged, vacum sealed rock n roll how often can
we say that?