Hamphatter Remix - ZombieboynDJLKUK & Sladey - what?!

The original track was great with or without the help of the biggest dragon of them all - Peter Jones but now it's Hamfatter only its Hamphatter - with the help of the phatest of them all producer zombieboy on the remix duties.This is the DnB 'ZombieboynDJLKUK & Sladey remix' and from the reaction so far we think this is surely a classic.As yet promo only but more news soon on this mix real soon.
Meanwhile Hamfatter in their normal rock form are rocking it one time.
The laster single 'The girl i love' , which was mixed and produced by Pete 'zombieboy' Brazier at our sister studio verticalrooms, scored an ok number 71 in the UK charts on download only , plus a very cool number 3 in the UK Indie chart (as compiled by music week)and also a very cool number 1 on play.com.
Well earned we say.
So , hope this is rocking your DnB boats and tune in soon for more on this remix.
Or try www.hamfatter.net