The Offering - Into The Hive

In 1998, Mark aka Stompeii teamed up with Julie Watkins to produce the Illyeria CD. Recorded at Kite Studios (Cambridge) it was a promising start full of Kate Bush-esque vocals and twisting Guitar, which failed to set the world on fire.
Initially called Cara and the Offering, the duo increased their number with the addition of Gary Bailey who shaped the live sound and added keyboards to the mix over the period (1999-2005). After an acrimonious split with Julie in 1999, a fact I still regret, the Offering soldiered on.

Looking for a singer was harder than expected and after offers from Pole dancers, Dwarfs and Girls with Snakes, Heather finally joined the band. She added some wonderful ethereal vocals to the two releases which followed - Three broken threads (2001) and Light in the Darkness (2003). Illness took its toll on her strength and she felt that she needed to retire from the band in 2004.

A search for another vocalist was carried out, and 140 contenders later, Kara Sultan joined the Offering in 2004. A singer with Intense and the Clandestined, she brought a different dynamic and intensity to the band. Recording was started and abandoned over this period up to April 2005 when this incarnation of the Offering ended.

Maria Coppola helped bring the Offering back from the brink of extinction and added her vocal talents and design skills to the mix. Something which I am truly endebted to her for. She put down some fine vocals with Heather on 'Monsters and Angels'.

Kara is now back in the fold and is bringing her considerable talent to the fore again.
We're making some very interesting music again...we're stretching out and trying some new things.

Here’s to the Future. Whatever it may bring.

New Album out now - Into The Hive - check it out on or