"You like Iron Maiden? You like Judas Priest? You like Dio? Pretty much all you need to know to figure out if you’ll like HeKz ..."

- Audio-Democracy.com

Like those mentioned above, memorable hooklines, squealing guitar solos and soaring vocals are what HeKz is all about. From the short pacey numbers to long drawn out epics, they'll take you on a journey through all things musical and mythical, but without losing that much needed sense of fun. With two EPs and a wealth of gigging experience under its collective belt, the band continues to thrive and, in the words of a certain Mr Iommi, "
keeps the flag flying."

Live is where the band truly shines, bringing their songs to life as only they can, with an inherent spontaneity (and a bizarre dress sense) which only heightens the sense of excitement these boys can generate. Whether it be saddling up on someone's shoulders for an aerial guitar solo around the venue, getting down to it in a pair of furry bellbottoms or the pang of a cowbell, HeKz strive to put the "show" in "show" ;-).

Now, I know you're thinking, "That's all well and good, but what do the critics say?" Well, you need look no further -

"In the true and honorable tradition of English heavy metal music, they are bang on the money" -
Big George (BBC 3CR)

"An eyewateringly blistering set full of finger-bleeding solos and thumping riffs."
-The Cambridge Evening News

"... the most amazing sound you will ever hear!"
Gareth Lloyd (The Box Office, BBC 3CR)

"I thought Hekz were great ... I had no ideas kids that young nowadays were listening to the kind of stuff I was listening to when I was that age."
– John Wheeler aka Barley Scotch (Hayseed Dixie)