Daytona 5 Bill

Delivering his words flawlessly against a futuristic back drop of hard hitting synth production, Daytona 5 Bill is branding a fresh, new sound set to take over car stereos, iPods and home theaters alike.

Born in the Hawaiian waters of the Pacific to Black and Korean parents who abandoned him, Daytona had trouble defining his identity from an early age. After being adopted and moving to Chicago's lower class south side, he followed his only true dream of becoming an illustrator. He began drawing and painting at the age of 7 and started taking traditional art classes at 12. As he grew older, he felt unable to identify with what society set as standard for young black men. Daytona found refuge in comic books, rollerblading and Japanese animation as opposed to basketball, gang banging and selling dope. This background would serve as the substance for many of his songs, painting the portrayal of struggling with everyday life as an outcast to society's status quo. His plans to continue pursuing art at Columbia College were cut short when an unexpected turn of events led him to enlist in the military. Sketches soon evolved into song lyrics and paintings to production, as Daytona began spending all of his free time making music.

It wasn't long before Daytona began performing along side of major label acts such as Chingy, The Clipse, Scarface, Jean Grea, Talib Kweli, and Ginuwine. His single "Clap fo' Haters" was spinning in several U.S. markets, while his newest creation "The Walk-A-Bout" caught the ear of BBC Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood. On the heels of its success, Daytona released his first street LP Independence Day, featuring the collaboration with GemStones (of Lupe Fiasco's 1st & 15th) "5 A.M.", the melodic "Take It Slow" (produced by British producer Klieco), a song aimed at creating positive self-images among young women (reached 2 on the charts in 2006), and the Saki XL produced "Verbatim", a crew banger uniting him with fellow Chi Embassy founders 100 Grand, G.S. and YattiMan.

Currently residing in the UK, Daytona 5 Bill is on his 3rd installment of his 'G.O.O.D. Intentions' mixtape series which has earned over 80,000 listens on and became the first in a series of spots on the top 20 most listened chart. GI3, which is hosted by DJ Onpoint (Joe Budden's Mood Musik series), is slated to be out in the Fall of 2008.

Daytona is currently recording for his second album, tentatively titled "Rage Against the Machines". The album attempts to focus on the real lives of everyday people, addressing a broad scope of issues from relationship problems to gun violence al the while stirring clear of the "trap star" fantasies and baller clichés of today's watered down Hip-Hop market. The lead single "Take 'Em 2 Church" is an incredibly up-beat, bouncy brass head-banger in which Day contrasts the images of 'pimps and hoes', with the results also doubling as a club/party anthem. The B-side to the single is "South Side '08", a sub-woofer pounding anthem, for not only Chicago's notorious "South Side", but also those around the world.

Daytona 5 Bill has unwittingly, maybe even unwillingly raised the bar that Hip-Hop has been resting on for the past decade. The only question that really needs to be answered is this – Is the world even ready for what they are about to receive?

Daytona 5 Bill