Lords of Flatbush

Yin and yang, Ed & Fill eventually found each other after much time lost in the ether. Whilst busy making plans for other people they thought it would be neat to do something for themselves so they hid themselves away in their snake pit, like latter day hermits & finally emerged, blinking in the warm glow of the sun with some freaky songs about the politics of dancing & the sensei or sensibility conundrum. Having more, great ideas than is healthy for 2 people, they have directed some of their ADHD like energy into something delicious. And so began the life of the future sound of everything. Comprising the eclectic talents of four yoot & one black man this bunch of unlikely heroes are collectively known as LORDS OF FLATBUSH. A kid with curls, one sporting a fine stubble, another with a Sancho Panza tache & soft hands, a sage with dreads & one with the eternal glint of happiness. Not to be mistaken with a 70s Italian street gang from NYC & the Fonz. Their desire is to stand & be counted, make you sway, your ears bleed & have a good time. “Flatbush just wanna make you dance, so put on your best dancing pants” With a sound which successfully fuses Electro/Funk/Punk/ & Ska, LOF have one aim, one goal.. .."to be there, when you are in trouble"

Lords of Flatbush are - Steve Edwards, Phil Jones, Nicky Burke with Andy Nicholson, Louis Carnall also featuring.