Drummond Walker

Drummond Walker on his new album Divine Love

‘Oh the music in church is so dreary!’ How frequently have I heard this statement, and sadly it’s so often true. I believe passionately in the strength and beauty of our long-established church music in Britain, but like every form of music it wants inspiring performance. To the traditionalist this CD might be provocative, like a red rag to a bull, but for those not familiar with the music, I hope it will open their ears to the beauty and excitement of church music. I have chosen time-honoured compositions and sung them as written, but they have been transformed by the modern touch of the accompaniment. The melodies are wonderful and adapt easily to contemporary interpretation. The vast majority of us attend church only for christenings, weddings or funerals, so I have based my selection of music for these occasions. I hope this CD will provide the listener with the opportunity to choose music from our great sacred musical heritage, with a contemporary touch for their special occasions.

Drummond has chosen to work with two of the top musicians in their field for this new album Divine Love, underground pop producer Pete Brazier & one of the world's top solo pianists, Warren Mailley-Smith to re-invent the music of the church that Drummond knows so well.

As a ‘son of the vicarage’, Drummond Walker was introduced to church music at an early age and it remained an important influence on him. He won the Beryl Searle Scholarship to Trinity College London, where he studied voice with John Wakefield. At College he amazed his teachers by his knowledge of and love for church music and by his total ignorance of opera. He had not even heard of Pavarotti. But soon he was to join The New Saddler’s Wells Opera Company before moving in 1984 to Germany to pursue his career as a soloist. His classic apprenticeship in which he sang both comic and lyric roles in musicals, operettas and operas began at the Landestheater Detmold. He went on to be the operetta tenor at Bielefeld and then the Heldentenor (German dramatic tenor) at Eisenach. He has sung major roles in a number of opera houses throughout Europe such as Tannhäuser, Florestan (Fidelio), Hoffmann, Max (Der Freischütz), Pedro (Tiefland) and Sou Chong (The Land of Smiles).

Drummond works regularly with Maestro Gustav Kuhn at the Tyrolean Opera Festival Erl in Austria. Nevertheless, he continued to pursue his love of choral music, even acting as choirmaster of the Bielefeld garrison church for many years.

With Divine Love, it is his hope that he can take his version of church music out of the doldrums & into the light.