The Beans - Kyan asabi kuatois

The Beans - kyan.
What do you get if you get one young talented singer/songwriter,Kyan asabi kuatois,mix with a top producer/song writer zombieboy- add guest guitars , harmonica and vocalists, fold together and let it bake in the oven for 3 years till done?
The debut album from Kyan.
With some arts council funding, hard work and studio many studio months from within vr he excels.
Bringing you tunes for the lovers in the gorgeous - Word on the street and Parkstars - grooves for the dance floor in - Shake It- featuring Phil nasty on guitar and rock legend Tom Dalpra on harmonica - tunes of wisdom - Home - Goldrush -featuring Zoe Clink, and ground breaking noise in - Higher Level's featuring Kenny m ,this has the lyrical content to back up the sonic explosion - taking British RnB off the streets & into the homes, this stands up to the American's best. For fans of all good music - represent.

Currently competing in Sky 1's Must Be The Music & going well!