V/A - Pop Dub - Respect - Volume One

Various Artists - Pop Dub - Respect - Volume 1. This is a truly special collection of work - Pop Dub combines the best in commercial pop sounds with the rhythm & sounds of reggae, dub & ska that have hit the UK shores since the early 60's. Often unrecongised by the mainstream press & musical establishment - the music produced by the likes of Prince Buster, Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Tots & The Mytals & many other musicians, producers & engineers has shaped & formed not only dance, but pop & rock music today throughout the world. And this first of three albums in the 'Pop Dub' collection goes on to prove this, through electro - Kiss My Baby, pop - Broken Angels, & dance - Lafinpig, along with many more. This album showcases that heavy n' deep bass sounds & soft soulful rhythm's that dub, reggae & ska have brought to UK music today - stand up & respect this album.