V/A - Pop Dub - Bongo - Volume Two

Various Artists - Pop Dub - Bongo - Volume 2. Continuing were volume one left off, 'Bongo' follows on through with the collection with more gems from the 'Pop Dub' stable., showcasing the influence of not only the island of Jamaica but also those who took their sounds further - Two Tone & the Bristol sound of the early 90's, taking forward the tricks & sounds used by the likes King Tubby & Jimmy Cliff, and merging them into the forms that we hear even today. This album nods further them, with the heavy heavy sounds of The Funging, and Prince's On White Horse's & the ska-tinged Word Called Love & Last Sweet Thang, and of course hip hop (or toasting) in the true genius of Hotter, this album spreads further the wings of Pop Dub & brings it home for all to enjoy - now pass me that bongo.