V/A - The Narcotic Monkeys - Something For The Weekend

Various Artists - The Narcotic Monkeys - Something For The Weekend. Having racked them up across the globe, those cheeky lads The Narcotic Monkeys have deemed thats its time to make music again, though this time their going get someone else to do it with this compilation of some of the best true alternative pop songs this side of Dido...only joking. Featuring stellar tracks from Idiot Box - Kasiban only better, Zombieboynkennym - Carcore Massive, Genus - Mixing Hip Hop & Classic Pop and Kawala - BBC Radio 1 Champions (to just name a few), this has it all for the true music fan. Great bands with great tunes, this is a essential part of the your weekend experience if it starts on Monday! Dealers beware - The Narcotic Monkeys are in town & they will clean you out. For fans of Kasiban, DJ Shadow, The Beta Band, The Go Team, Big Bass & Alternative Pop