Z.Rock - HipHopHeaven

Hip Hop is dying - that's the message from the musical press & record sales. And yet it is currently one of the most diverse & creative fields in all of music - just look at the stables of smaller labels such as Anticon, Big Dada as well as countless artists & producers like Common & Vadim. The challenged was laid out by KRS-One, to put Hip Hop back on the map, so here comes the debut album from the producers collective Z.Rock, a group containing some of the best producers, writers & performers in the UK alternative urban scene - these guys are are not your average Mark Ronson! This album has been slowly been put together in studio's throughout the country over the last 2 years, whilst the guys aren't working with chart acts, future stars & feeding the animals. Having now reach the last stages of mastering, this potential classic will hope prove the Hip Hop is not a stagnant, unproductive musical format but one that continues to push the musical boundaries and challenge people's ideals. Available soon from this site this is HipHopHeaven.