V/A - Planet Gone - Volume One

Ever heard a compilation that really does reflect musical life on a stick in the uk? Well here it is in 'Planet Gone' featuring the modern beats & classic hooks straight out the new generation. Planet gone is NOT for the faint hearted.Hard is not the word but it is tuff for sure. It simply flies from the crazy opening tunes 'Binge drinking' and 'Don't smoke crack' from Diggy Don Walshie and Zombieboynkennym until before you know it you have arrived at the much softer and easy tail end of 'Juno joy' and 'More love'. If you are a lover of what BBC Radio 1 might drop on Jo Whiley then snap this up.If you just think (or know !) you are cool then you should also be snapping this up. wicked.simple.wicked.