Zombieboynkennym - Greatest Hits, Life Product

Zombieboynkennym - Greatest Hits, Life Product So 2007 looms and Kennym has hit Kavos in Greece to spin tunes and hang with some of the finest; Ratpack, Westwood and the likes so before he hit the sunny isle Verticalrecordings and the Zombieboynkennym decided to put this one together to get us all through the summer. Hooray! Glad they did. Zombieboynkennym 'Greatest Hits - Life Product' is the knock on effect of making 'Get a life' their first studio album. The Oxford dictionary says 'get a life' means to lead a fuller and more interesting existence and the Zombieboynkennym certainly have done that since their conception. This album is 12 tracks of Car-Core heaven , all the classic zbkm tunes and some of the rare ones to this is a must have for any fan of cutting edge music - and remember buy all 4 albums and get 5 off and their dvd FREE !! so thats 4 albums and a FREE dvd all with FREE postage for 35 !! 'don't be scared Grandad, its just the car-core underground sound' Zombieboynkennym