Zombieboynkennym - Not The Droids UR Lookin 4

Not The Droids UR Lookin 4 So after all the excitement of the buzz around 'Get a life' the boys managed to secure a small Arts Council grant to get them back in the studio , making a short video and manufacturing a few more cds to increase the buzz.'Not The Droids UR Lookin 4' was born and the video to the revved up 'Top of the pops'. Still Car-Core with some massive beats and some classic rudeboi lyrics this one is just a scream. 'Hooked on cars n girls addicted to the drums and the bass' screams Kennym on 'Hooked on cars n girls' 'Whatever system you got just turn it up' Kenny rants on 'Turn it up'. As ever all trend setting breaks and songs with a sub bass to rip your insides out you can see why both universal and the arts council see millage in Zombieboynkennym.Hey and by the way did you know Zombieboy was signed to Simon Cowell in the 90s? no? Well he tends to keep that one quiet. Zombieboynkennym present Not The Droids UR Lookin 4.