Zombieboynkennym - Get A Life

Zombieboynkennym - Get A Life So its 2003 and the zombie is holed up in an Essex road side semi unable to sleep for the second night running mainly for the dirge of car-cruisers playing American pop hip hop cruising by. Ok so ask yourself how you get Zombieboynkennym out of that train of thought?

well ,cars with big hi-fi systems are ace but what they really need is a niche sound , a sound that fits them , suits them and leads the way for their very cool cars and speaker set ups. Car-Core is born. After a few months & then a few months more locked away in the Cambridgeshire based Verticalrooms studio Zombieboynkennym arrived at this their first album - Get a life. Opening with the raw original mix of 'On the radio' , sliding into the Car-Core classics 'Top Star'('Turn the bass up in your car the bass up in your car ,turn it up to the top star') and 'Number one' ('Its all about the size of ya rims , how big are your bass bins?, heres a number fooking one and its not a song for your fooking mum.) So after much fun and love get a life was born and universal wanted to sign it(see our Escalating section )but the boys decided to stay here and stay indie. excellent buy it geeza.
8 out of 10 - maxpower magazine