Jolene - Kaset & Bear Lyric Version

A Hertfordshire recording studio has become the unexpected hub of celebrity activity after a visit from two music industry stars. Angela Kaset, a Nashville country legend has been working with Vertical Rooms’ music director Pete Bear on an ambitious and ground breaking project to re write Dolly Parton’s seventies global smash, Jolene. Pete Bear who himself was signed to Simon Cowell and now owns the recording studio on a farm in Wendy, met the country star at a music industry bash in London. “I saw Angela at an ASCAP do in London and over heard her say making a track was like making a baby,” says Pete. “So I butted in and told her if she thought that, she had better come and make an illegitimate child with me.” Despite the questionable invitation Angela agreed and got together with Pete to do the unthinkable – rewrite Jolene. “Angela said rewriting Jolene would be like cussing in church, but if we could it, it would be awesome.” The pair immediately re wrote the lyrics to the famous song and enlisted ex Another Level member Dane Bowers and Wez Clarke, Radio 1 unsigned winner, to do the vocals. Pete said: “The original Jolene is about a woman, weak and begging, but I wanted our version to be fresh and hit back, and I thought Dane was perfect” The finished product flips the original on its head and transports it to the future where Jolene is old, angry and alone. And with a skinny white rap version of a southern drawl mix of Jolene, you have what could be considered one of the bravest projects this year. Plus, thanks to TenTen Music, Angela's Nashville publisher, it is now heard and approved by Dolly Parton herself. Can't be bad, hold tight the future of country is here.