Big Fun On Mars - It's Happening Again - Vol1

Big Fun On Mars - It's Happening Again - Volume One. Big fun on mars come back at you with this live (yes thats right recorded live in the studio) album and prove why everyone who was anyone in 90's club and after club culture adored this band. Back and more off the wall than ever this will be in their biggest fans cd collections in no time. Biggest fans?Groove Armada. With memebers from some of the most ground breaking british acts of the 90's, they brought the rave scene to the band envoirment with their crazed & enteraining live act. They did it for the fun at the end of the day not money, and so without the pressures of major labels that has destroy the best of bands, they created with the upmost freedom & intelligence - and it shows! With this album you get a total feel of what they had at the time, and potential they had & fullied. They came, played & left you wanting more... and at the end of the day that's the best you can ask for. For fans of The Orb, Orbital, Pyschedllic Dance & Funky Grooves