Raining Grizzly Joy - View From The Middle

Raining Grizzly Joy - View From The Middle. A chance meeting in a Essex field in the early 90's between a DJ and a musician created a few things - a friendship of 15 years standing, work for both parties over the years if be support slots, mixing the others album or just making music themselves. Yet as the two guys are two of the UK's most influential musicians in the dance music then this album was always going to be a bit more special than the average. Having made nu-jazz work under the name of Lovejoy & Bear, they then made a side-project focusing on the harder end, more bite end of modern dance music whilst retaining the ambience of their previous work. Thus Raining Grizzly Joy was created with their debut release - View From The Middle, a sonic representation of city life through the medium of electronic music. This is a must have for fans of the darker end of electronic where say a trancey Massive Attack meet a industrial Trent Renzor, yet even this does it a disservice - must be heard!