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ok so you've got the hoddie, the trainers, the in car hi-fi and even the car, but unless you got the zombieboynkennym banging out with ya windows down then you aint nothing .
did you see zombieboynkennym on the front page of music-zine?
all cool and from humble starts as something two off the cuff geezas did because they wanted to through to trying to be snapped up by universal , turning down movie offers and ending up on the front page of one of the most respected music publications in the uk.
good work ladies.
but seriously the originators and kings of car-core have been busy beating out the hyper beats in and have a new album in the building with some even more special news.the sound of car-core as we know it has changed jim.
yes, its grown super big bold faster and louder than ever for 2008.with kenny m bringing in the sounds of instead on additional vocals, and zombie brought in some big guitar from the man nasty, some kids choirs and a concert pianist.oh no i hear you say, its all gone wrong we gotta sort it out man. no, amazingly this sound clash in a car-core fashion is still going to be the tune you drop on the high street with ya windows down.
nice swan. i mean,
nice one.
expect audio previews soon geezas and girlies.
Hear some zombieboynkennym